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  • Paramount Performance Personal Training

    Paramount Performance

    Our mission at Paramount Performance is to positively affect the athletic community through education,
    prevention and guidance to enhance the performance environment.
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  • Paramount Performance Personal Training

    Physical Therapy

    Paramount Performance is the direct access point for unrestricted care
    for individuals who place premium value on their function and performance.
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  • Paramount Performance Personal Training

    Elite Performance

    Paramount Performance provides screening and the fundamental base of movements and education
    required for athletes to minimize injuries and take their performance to the elite level.
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  • Paramount Performance Personal Training

    Connect Consulting

    Paramount Performance works to develop and connect the athlete with the best team of specialists
    and to establish the communication necessary to reach their performance and personal goals.
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  • Paramount Performance Personal Training

About Paramount Performance

Unmatched care.  Unmatched service.  Unmatched results.

1. Specialized Treatment

The current insurance model is leading to decreased time spent with the Physical Therapist as well as dictating how therapists choose to treat their patients.

At Paramount Performance we have the freedom to treat the patient to meet whatever their needs are, not what insurance dictates.

2. Uniquely Trained

Physical therapists are uniquely trained in the musculoskeletal screening process to determine those individuals who would benefit from PT intervention versus those who may need further referral to medical providers.

3. Dedicated Staff

Paramount Performance delivers 100% commitment from our therapists to our clients to develop not only a personalized program but also a personalized experience.

Our treatment and care extends beyond time spent in the clinic to allow for a trusted resource that always has your back.

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Physical Therapy

Not all physical therapy is created equal. The staff at Paramount Performance provides a unique and individualized experience to reach and exceed your rehabilitation goals to improve performance.
Paramount Performance offers:
  • No physician referral required
  • Avoid unwarranted and costly physician visits
  • Avoid insurance guided treatment limitation
  • One-on-one treatment with a Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • We treat the individual, not just the symptoms
  • Education to give ownership to your function and recovery
  • Free injury phone consultation
  • Transitional/step down programs for post-surgical athletes
  • Frequent communication with your physical therapist
When to utilize Physical Therapy:
  • Rehab from surgery
  • Preparing your body before surgery (PreHab)
  • Muscle and Joint aches/pains
  • Athletic performance enhancement
  • Return to Sport training and testing
  • Injury prevention

Our Physical Therapists utilize assessment and treatment techniques with an emphasis towards a hands on approach to assess for dysfunctional movement patterns which can contribute to developing pain and leading to possible injury. From this assessment we will work together with you to develop the best treatment to help optimize your movement, decrease pain and improve your performance!

Our Physical Therapists at Paramount performance utilize their unique training and skill set to offer the most up to date treatment techniques to help you reach your goals.

Techniques we use:
  • Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization
  • Functional soft tissue mobilization
  • Functional dry needling
  • Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)
  • Joint manipulation and mobilization
  • Muscle energy techniques

Paramount Performance works with anyone who places a premium on his or her health and fitness. Our clients range from youth athletes, high school and collegiate athletes, weekend warriors, fitness enthusiasts, business executives and professional athletes.

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Elite Performance

Movement.  Control.  Education.

All performance training sessions are conducted by a Doctor of Physical Therapy
Supplement strength and performance training
Focus on correction of physical limitations
Learn proper fundamental movement strategies
Improve mobility, stability, balance, muscle activation and much more
Hands-on training and education of proper running, jumping and cutting technique
Hybrid of Physical Therapy and performance training
Focus on education to allow athletes ownership of their training
Learn proper lifting and exercise techniques
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Connect Consulting

Paramount Performance develops and connects the athlete with the best team of specialists to reach their performance and personal goals.
How we connect:
  • Find, research and interview potential specialist
  • Arrange meetings with your performance team
  • Consistent communication between the performance team
  • Reoccurring discussion with athlete and family to determine plan of care
  • Educate the athlete and family to help understand elements of performance development
  • Help athlete become an active member in their performance development

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Meet the Paramount Performance team

Dr. Bryan Schwebke, PT, DPT

Performance Physical Therapist and Consultant


Dr. Bryan Schwebke is the founder of Paramount Performance as well as a performance physical therapist, coach and consultant. Bryan has worked with some of the world's best athletes as well as many college and youth athletes. He is dedicated to providing athletes and their parents with the guidance, education and tools to safely and efficiently reach their goals.

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Dr. Kyle Schwebke, PT, DPT, OCS

Performance Physical Therapist and Consultant / Orthopedic Certified Specialist


Dr. Kyle Schwebke is an orthopedic and sports medicine physical therapist. Kyle utilizes his education and training in physical therapy as well as background in athletics, exercise science and performance enhancement to restore functional movement and elevate individuals to their desired level of performance.

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